Improv Class FAQ

Anyone 18 years of age or older can register for our Level 1 (Beginner) classes.

COVID-19 POLICY: All students must be fully vaccinated, including being 2 or more weeks from their final shot. All students and instructors will mask during the class. Read our full COVID-19 class policy.

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While we completely understand the premise of your question, we would like to rudely disagree with your concern. First of all, human behavior is naturally funny so we bet you’ve made many people laugh in the past…even if it wasn’t on purpose.

But also, we want to let you in on a little secret…improv is not about being funny. Our classes and performances are really focused on getting our students and performers to be comfortable as their true selves and bring that level of honesty and depth to the characters on stage.

Laughter is simply a side effect of what we do…It is not the goal. So stop thinking of signing up and #BeBold and #SayYes today. Classes link:

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We greatly appreciate you taking the time and energy out of your busy life to spend it with us. We do value each person’s time, but we promise you our three hour classes go by so quickly. You’ll be having the time of your life and will be sad when it’s over. There’s so much to learn and we make sure not to waste time. There are many exercises that we go through and many of them are followed up with a debrief and conversation to make sure we fully understand the lessons/takeaways. This class is highly engaging and you will be active throughout. Three hours will pass by!

We want to remain an open and engaging theater organization where all of our members feel safe. We believe in addressing negative or possibly damaging behaviors as they occur in an effort to prevent them in the future. Many of us are new to improv and sometimes uncomfortable things come up. We try to trust the intent of our peers and discuss how the behavior may have caused an unwanted effect. Our goal is to have open dialogues about these concerns and do our part as leaders to prevent them in the first place or at least from ever happening again.

Please look over our policies on respect and discrimination and if you’re uncomfortable bringing it up in class, you can reach out to our respect coordinator.

No! We have your money forever (insert evil laugh)

Actually, we have a very thoughtful class policy you should check out here.