Improv Fundamentals

Beginning Improv for everyone

Improv Classes are not just for aspiring comedians, they are also a great tool for self-discovery and gaining confidence. This class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of improv.

The course is divided into two levels and is the core of our training center. Levels I & II each consist of 6 weeks of fun and engaging classes that help students discover the basic foundations of improv. This course is a perfect chance for anyone out there looking for a safe and encouraging environment to explore their creativity in a new way.

Beginning Improv Classes for Adults in Charlotte
Next class starts APR 25

Level One for Adults

This 6-week course is made up of fun physical and mental exercises, group activities, and basic scene-work. Students will learn the basic tenants of improvisation such as; saying “yes, and…,” supporting their fellow improvisers, making positive choices, committing to the reality of the scene, and most importantly empowering the self. In this class, there are no mistakes and everything is a gift as we reinvigorate our sense of play.

These valuable lessons in improv are great for the stage and even better for life.

I'm 4 weeks into my improv class and I am loving it. I have always enjoyed watching Improv shows and would always say "I could never do that".
Well, here I am, doing it. And it's fun and freeing and motivating.
Beginning Improv Classes for Teens in Charlotte
Next class: coming soon!

Level One for Teens

Cooler than the debate team, more fun than piano lessons, and far fewer concussions than contact sports!

This 6-week class, specifically geared towards teens, covers the same skills as the adult class. Your teen will learn resilience, teamwork, confidence in their own voice, and how to be supportive of others through "Yes, and..."

Your class was a sincere life-changer for [my daughter]. I pushed her to take it and she absolutely LOVED it. Usually she's the quietest most reserved person anywhere but here at home, we're the only ones who know her quick wit.. it was fabulous to see her come out of her shell a bit from your class. You're doing fabulous work with these kids! — Kaitlyn's mom