Charlotte 2020 Sweded Film Festival!

Let's RE-make a movie!

Grab your cell phone, your fun toboggan, and whoever you're sheltered in place with -- and remake your favorite film! We're not interested in technical expertise or exactitude, but in creativity and fun.

Check out all the categories down below, make your film, and submit it to us!

Sweded Film Festival banner
Click the video above to learn more, and watch an example sweded film!
  1. 1
    Learn about the Festival

    Watch the intro video, then read all the way to the bottom to learn about the rules and requirements to enter! They're not tough.

  2. 2
    Pick a movie and film it

    Be bold. Say yes to your favorite flick, even big-budget ones. Use whatever camera you have, and just start! The easiest thing is to record in the final order, so you can just dump everything together.

  3. 3

    Put the required intro at the front, upload the video to YouTube, add the hashtag #CLTSweded2020, then complete this simple form: Submission Form by April 14, 2020.


Director's Cut

You're ambitious. You want to retell the whole saga of the original film, in as much detail as possible.

Theatrical Release

You want to tell the story at hand, but aren't trying to out-produce James Cameron


Everybody loves a great trailer, and you've got just the right attention span to create one!

Getting it Right

Here are some helpful bits of information to keep in mind

Required Intro Video

To be considered, each entry must begin with the 5 second intro video, which can be downloaded here.

Hashtaggin' it

In your YouTube description, include the hashtage #CLTSweded2020. Please also use the hashtag when promoting or talking about the festival!

Keep it clean

We get it. You want to be edgy. But this is for-all-ages endeavor, and we reserve the right to reject films that feature objectionable content.

The Deadline

True art does't operate on a set schedule. But we do! Have all of your submissions to us by April 14 or else. Let us know if "true art" wants a magazine or something.

Producing on a budget

We love HitFilm Express for free editing software. Or, check out some of these other options.

Still Confused?

Please start by reading the FAQs below. If that doesn't solve the problem, email us at But please read the FAQs first.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

This festival was originally conceived for the Charlotte, NC area, but we have a CATCh-all group for those of you outside the Queen City's embrace.

What can I win?

Recognition! Seriously, that's it. Have you seen what's been going on? And we're a 50-seat black box theater that's shut down for who-knows-how-long. We ain't got the kind of pull or resources to get you an Oscar or Dollar General gift card or nuthin. Geez.

My epic masterpiece is over 20 minutes!

Maybe your favorite sub-Reddit will like it. But it's too long for us.

I have original content instead of...

Yawn. Next.

I can't wait to own this contest with my professional video / editing skillz

Quality technical expertise is devalued in this festival. We want to see creative solutions to video storytelling, not technical ones!

Can I request refund?

Yes. Please fill out this refund request form.