Amber Hawes has been teaching in one way or another since 2017. After graduating from Elon University with a B.A. in Elementary Education, she spent a year in Thailand teaching English as a second language. She returned to North Carolina and spent a season as an environmental educator in New Bern before returning to her hometown of Charlotte and accepting a position with CMS as a third-grade teacher. During this time she also taught ballroom dancing lessons on the side. After two years of working for public schools, she missed working outside too much and became an environmental educator with Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation in 2021. 

It was right around this time that she decided to take her first-ever improv class at CATCh. It did not take long for her to become hooked. After finishing Levels 1-3 (taking some twice just for fun!), she was psyched to hear about the opportunity to teach improv. It combined her love of teaching with her love of improv! She now performs with the newest CATCh House team, Situationship, perfoming on the 4th Saturday of every month!

When Amber has free time she enjoys reading, painting, hiking, playing board games, ballroom dancing, playing D&D, and of course - doing improv.