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Come See Us!
Directions & Parking

  1. Whether you take the constantly backed up 77 or one of the many versions of Sharon Road, eventually get to South Blvd.
  2. If you’re heading south on South Blvd (redundant), after you cross over Scaleybark/Old Pineville intersection, continue for .2 miles and our location is on the right, one entrance past the elephant and right before the 4200 sign.
  3. If you’re heading north on South Blvd (shouldn’t we call it North Blvd now?), We’re between Woodlawn and the Scaleybark/Old Pineville light. Our location is on the left (the entrance just past the big 4200 sign)
  4. Make your way past the street-facing shops, to the back lot building on the right. Look for the CATCh logo on our sign and door.
  5. Use this reference photo to see where we are in the complex.

Parking is available throughout the entire complex, so if you don’t see a spot right in front of our location, you’ll have plenty of options. Cars cannot be left over night.

We highly encourage you use a ride sharing app, to minimize parking usage, to help the environment, and so you can take advantage of our proximity to breweries!!

There’s also the Scaleybark light-rail stop which is a short 5-10 minute walk to our front door.


CATCh us at our new theater!

We will have classes throughout the week and shows most weekends starting in early 2019!

Show Schedule Class Schedule

Our Philosophy

When we started a new improv theater, we set out to be very intentional in our approach not just to the art, but to how we expect our students & performers to conduct themselves — both on and off the stage.

CATCh Logo
On Improv

We strive to engage and inspire our audiences with a style of improvisational theatre that is driven by dynamic and authentic characters. Through the exploration of life’s themes and the wide array of human emotion, we share stories with our audiences that aim to not only entertain, but to affect.

On Respect & Equality

Our community desires to go beyond simply trying to brush away the negativity of racism, misogyny, and the rest. We strive to be intentional in promoting the value, the impact, and the necessity of positive respect and equality among all performers.

Our Community

Our mission is to create an open, inclusive space that meets the needs of improvisers and improv teams. How we go about that is crucial to long-term health of the improv community in Charlotte.

Performer Pay

We firmly believe that dedicated improvisers are artists. And artists deserve something for their time, their dedication, their effort, and their commitment to the craft. You won't be able to quit your day job, but it's a start!



Welcome to the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte

In our mission statement, we set out to establish an all-inclusive gathering space — and that is what we’re doing. Our new location went through the city and county to have a second uni-sex restroom installed, which is certified ADA compliant by a team of architects and engineers. We are excited to welcome everyone in the community who is looking to support local arts. CATCh does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual preference, or disability.

Students with disabilities or any special needs are asked to contact CATCh before registering for a course so that we can ensure the best possible class or performance experience.

The CATCh Team

Kevin Shimko

Artistic Director

A grizzled improv veteran of almost 15 years, Kevin is ultimately responsible for the curriculum and the development of students and teams.

Abigail Head

Business Director

Abigail runs the day-to-day business operations
of the theater, in addition to performing, teaching, & coaching.