Frequently Asked Questions

Does CATCh pay performers?

CATCh has a revenue-sharing program for performers, based on show attendance.

From the outset, we designed CATCh to be different, to give something back to the community that we love. You have supported us, and now we want to support you.

How much moolah will we get?

Up to $200 per show, depending on how many people buy tickets. CATCh retains all the box office receipts from the first 30 seats sold, then pays the excess to the performers (doesn't include performer comps/students).

In other words, for each audience member over 30, the team gets $10, up to $200 total. This amount is split between any teams performing for that particular show.

Audience $ to Performers
35 $50
40 $100
45 $150
50 $200

Why only after 30 seats?

We have fixed costs that we must pay to keep the space open and operating, including rent, utilities, and insurance.

Any exceptions?

Student shows are not paid. Any comps given out by the performers and all non-paid students do not count towards the attendance total.

Hey, thanks for this, but we don’t really need the money.

Performers can opt to have their portion go to benefit Brave Step or other theater initiatives instead.

Are we employees of CATCh?

No, all performers are contractors through their team. Which is to say that CATCh contracts with the team to perform, and it is up to the team how the money is used.

Are we beholden to CATCh by taking the money?

Absolutely not! Our community policy is very clear that teams can, do, and should exist separately from CATCh. We are here to support you, and we have your back as always.


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Policies current as of May 1, 2022