Official Announcement of CATCh

We are very proud to present the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte or as we like to call it, CATCh. This venture is a collaboration between Kevin Shimko and Carey Head with the support of our friends, family and comedy peers.

Our mission at CATCh is to provide an open door to all comedy artists and the community-at-large as a unique and inclusive gathering space where performers, students, and audiences can grow, flourish, and above all…laugh.

Our goal is to open a physical location that will supplement the existing community and provide a common space for us all to call home. In this new home, we hope to encourage and support the comedy arts in Charlotte (and beyond) through our mission of:

  • Providing audiences with a wide variety of high quality and diverse performances that exemplify the amazing Charlotte comedy and improv communities;
  • Offering professional-grade comedy and improv classes, workshops, and seminars that enhance the skills of our performers and students; and
  • Promoting and fostering the importance of diversity, acceptance, communication, teamwork, and laughter both within the comedy arts community and the community at large.

CATCh is positioned to be an addition to the already wonderful comedy community and not a replacement for anything. We are very supportive of all groups, teams, organizations, and individual artists and we hope we’re lucky enough to have them be a part of our organization in whatever way they choose.

In the upcoming days and weeks, we will be updating you on where we are in our process. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and support for CATCh.

If you would like further information check out the FAQ and hopefully it will answer any questions you may have. Or feel free to message Carey or Kevin directly. In the meantime, please like our Facebook page and stay enthusiastic as we continue to expand. Thank You.