Work Study

We understand that not everyone who wants to get on stage and perform regularly can manage the costs associated with paying class tuition. We still want you to Be Bold and Say Yes®.

CATCh Work Study Program

The Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte offers a limited number of workstudy opportunities for students who want to take classes at CATCh, and would like to help work in theater operations in exchange for tuition reduction.

Here's how it works:
  • Show Nights: For each week of class, you agree to work at 1 show. A 6 week class commits you to helping at 6 shows. Additional terms (what the legal folks call fine print) are at the bottom.
    • Show duties (yes, duties is a fun word):
      • Selling concessions
      • Welcoming audiences, scanning in tickets, and selling tickets
      • Assisting clean up and reset the theater
      • Working the tech booth (requires additional training)
The Required Print which is normally smaller than the rest

Submitting an application for the CATCh Work Study program does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants who are accepted are still bound by the CATCh class policies. Students who violate those policies may be removed from classes, and are not entitled to any cash reimbursement or credit given for work performed.

Work Study students must complete their work obligations within 2 weeks of the end of class, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the House Manager. In all cases, Work Study students are expected to commit to specific dates at the time of their acceptance into the program.

Tuition coverage is available for most CATCh classes at the following rates:

  • 100% for core improv classes
  • 50% for special classes


4128 South Blvd.
Suite A3
Charlotte, NC 28209

Phone: (980) 5-CATCh-1
           (980) 522-8241

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