Write Bold!

Fully unlock your creative potential, while having the time of your life.


Learn why we created Write Bold just for writers!


How improv techniques can help your writing.

Write Bold is a fun, interactive six-week intensive workshop for creative writers who want to take their writing to the next level, and improvisers who want to take their creativity to the page.
Led by professional writer and writing coach Fen Druadìn and improvisational trainer and theater owner Carey Head, this hands-on class will teach improvisational exercises for unlocking creativity, sparking and cultivating characters, developing plot, and overcoming blocks. It will give you the skills you need to be faster, better, and more prolific in your written storytelling.
Each session will include improvisational exercises and practice, expert instruction and feedback, quiet work time to apply the week’s principles in writing, and guided peer workshopping.
Creative writers will discover new ways to get your neurons firing and your fingers producing the best written work of your life. Improvisers will learn how to apply your improvisational storytelling skills to the page, so you can produce scripts, screenplays, short stories, personal stories, and other written work you’ll be proud of.

That's all the offerings for this class we have scheduled for now. Want to see more on the calendar? Send us a note, and be sure to follow us on all the things!

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Fen Druadìn is an award-winning freelance copywriter, a storyteller, a novelist, an improv performer, and a creative career coach. She started writing professionally in 2001, to help feed her hungry family. In the years since, she has grown the business to employ other writers to serve her corporate clients, while building an online training and coaching center for aspiring career freelancers. She keeps her hand in the copywriting craft by ghostwriting for select clients. Fen’s work, both ghostwritten and under her own byline, can be found all over the internet and in print, in top-ranking Google previews, on award-winning sites, and in print publications as diverse as Redshift Magazine and Grit. She co-wrote the Best in City short film Clocking Out, and her short stories have been published in a variety of online collections. Her long-form fiction is represented by Ethan Ellenberg of the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.