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Spend your corporate training budget on workshops that engage employees while delivering powerful communication and teamwork skills.

Workshops Available

Creative Supercharge

Getting ready for a brainstorming session, or an idea generating retreat? CATCh will jump start the creative process.

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Creative Superchargeclose

Through directed games, each member of your team puts themselves in a better position to listen, collaborate, and stop judgement from rearing its ugly head.

We love bringing improv activities and principles to our clients for their corporate branding events. The activities are both fun and productive. They get everyone's brains in gear, focused, and creative.
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Corporate FUNdamentals

Kick off your corporate retreat or professional development week with a fun, energizing introduction to improv for business!

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Corporate FUNdamentalsclose

In this 2 - 3 hour session, team members learn the fundamentals of how to apply improv techniques to business situations, including:

  • "Yes, and..."
  • Active listening
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Getting comfortable with failure
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"Yes, And" for Teams

Is your team struggling to see the bigger picture? This workshop focuses on the importance of saying yes to one another and working together.

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"Yes, And" for Teamsclose

This workshop will help open your team members up to a fun, creative, and collaborative approach to work.

Prior to this session, crucial conversations were put at risk with "yes, but". Using the "yes and" approach allowed for better alignment and problem solving.
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Failure Foundry

Don't let fear of failure hamstring your teams' ability to perform. This immersive course develops the ability to discover opportunity in mistakes.

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Failure Foundryclose

Unless your organization is ready to stagnate, you'll be taking risks. And risk-taking inevitably will result in "failure." This workshop helps teams to become comfortable with failing, and how to fall forward.

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On the Spot

Today’s business professionals need to be adaptable and comfortable in an ever-changing environment.

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On the Spotclose

This 3 hour course introduces professionals to the core concepts that help improvisers not only deal with uncertainty and a constantly-shifting landscape — but to embrace and thrive in that environment.

By practicing Improv, our Project Managers and other team members learned how to quickly think on their feet.  Moving from the classroom to influencing Project Stakeholders this skill greatly enhanced their confidence and ability to influence people to specific outcomes. 
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Custom Training

You ask. We say "Yes, and..."

Do you have a specific need? Looking for a custom training program? We can do that!

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Custom Trainingclose

We have expertise with:

• Brainstorming & creative session collaboration

• Listening with intent

• Extemporaneous speaking skills

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Happy Clients

Improv helped our project teams develop critical thinking skills and enhance risk taking for better innovation outcomes.
I am 100% sold on using improv to enhance business outcomes.