Creativity Coaching

YESANDbox Creativity Coaching was founded by Kevin in September, 2019 with the purpose of helping people discover and pursue their creative passions and goals.

The first step starts with you. Ask yourself if you’re truly ready to start the path of unlocking yourself. Once you’ve done that, our journey together can begin.

I offer one-on-one video sessions (via zoom or skype) that last an hour. I’m also happy to meet in person if we’re in the same city or if you’re willing to fly me to you (here’s hoping you’re somewhere warm!)

During this hour, we will be open yet efficient with our time together, focusing on what you want to work on at that point in an effort to meet your overall creative goals. I offer three different coaching approaches…or appr-coaches, if you will:

  • A la carte sessions. No long-term commitment required! Schedule a session whenever you like and pay as you go.
  • I also offer packages for 3 months or 6 months where we commit to working together for this set period of time. These packages can definitely be extended based on your objectives and progress.
  • I also offer project packages. This is a great option if you have a specific project you’re working on and you’re looking for support throughout the lifecycle of the project. We can talk about timelines, goals, and what you need, and we’ll set up a custom package just for you.
Kevin Shimko, Creativity Coach

Kevin Shimko

Creativity Coach

What is coaching?

Great question! To me, coaching is about creating a safe space for growth and empowering individuals to be their fullest selves. A coach helps build relationships and provide unique inspiration and support for each person to reach their goals. Whether you’re searching for clarity, motivation, accountability, guidance, or a cheerleader, a coach can help you change your life!

How is creativity coaching different from other types of coaching?

Another great question. You’re very inquisitive. Each one of us has heaps and heaps of creative potential that we often put aside for the sake of time, lack of motivation, or fear of failure. Creativity coaching is a special relationship built around assisting you in fulfilling your creative goals and dreams. Whether it’s finding inspiration for a creative outlet, writing the next Oscar-winning screenplay, or everything in between, creativity coaching can help you push past blockages, creative scarring, and productivity issues to find the path to create what you’ve always dreamed of.

Who the heck is Kevin Shimko and why should he coach me?

Perhaps your best question yet. Pursuing my creative passions has been my life’s work. In almost two decades of pursuit, I’ve faced every type of setback there is and still managed to find many creative successes on the journey.

  • I have been performing and studying improv since I was 14 years old in various cities throughout the country, mainly in New York City and Charlotte, NC.
  • I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in acting and have appeared in many off-off-broadway productions.
  • I am currently the co-founder, owner, and Artistic Director of the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATCh.) I help oversee our marketing strategy, I develop our class curricula, and I teach, coach, and perform improv regularly.
  • I’m a member of an award-winning film production company called The Queens Miscreants where I’ve participated as an actor, writer, producer, and director.
  • I currently work as a development coach at a large national software company to help working professionals develop and achieve their career goals.
  • I believe my purpose on earth is to be creative and help inspire others to create.

Okay, I’ve read the bio, but what makes your coaching style different?

I’m loving all these questions! Let’s book a session already. The best coaches are able to adapt to the needs and wants of their clients. My adaptability is an integral part of my art and my work, and I’ve cultivated it as a coaching tool. Helping you unlock your creative potential will require a coach who is focused and present in the moment with you. I also utilize my improv background in my coaching, including idea generation, brainstorming techniques, active listening skills, and of course, the “YES AND” philosophy.

Our sessions will be determined by and centered on you. Together, we will work on getting you to say yes and to your ideas, your passions, and to a freer, more creative YOU.