Is CATCh a seafood restaurant?
Despite our name, we do not have anything to do with seafood or the sport of fishing. Although, we promise once you see a show at CATCh, you’ll be hooked!

Can we expect more stupid puns like that from CATCh?
Without a doubt.

There are other groups, theaters, and individuals that are already established in Charlotte. Is CATCh looking to compete with or replace them?
Absolutely not! Our mission is highly focused on bringing the comedy community together. We are very supportive of all the other groups and individuals and recommend you go out and see their shows and take their classes. We want to provide a central location and home base for all of these established artists whether it be for performance opportunities, rehearsals, practices, workshops, classes, or just a place to hang out. Obviously, multiple groups may have shows/classes on the same day and this may seem like competition. In our opinion, the more we can get Charlotte to see live comedy…the better. Whether it’s at our venue or yours, improv wins!

Where is this location?
So glad you asked. We are currently in talks with a broker and are looking at several locations in the Plaza Midwood, NoDa, and South End neighborhoods. This process obviously takes a good amount of time, money and effort. We’re looking to procure the best venue that complements our mission. As we get closer to signing a lease, we will make that information public.

How is CATCh affording all of this?
Both Carey and Kevin have been moonlighting as strippers. We’ve been paid to put our clothes back on. Very lucrative business.

But seriously?
Well, we'll need your help in our upcoming fundraising campaign! We believe very strongly in our vision and have also received enthusiastic support from potential investors. As we get closer to nailing down a location, we’ll have a better idea what our investors are willing to put in. We are also reaching out to the Arts and Sciences Counsel for grants.

How can I help CATCh?
We would love your help in any way you’d like really. Ultimately we are looking for your enthusiasm and support. You can help spread the word on social media and to friends. You can offer up any resources you think may be beneficial. For example, maybe you have website design experience or know potential investors. We will also need help promoting our IndieGoGo campaign. Not only does this help us fund this venture, but it also is a great tool to get the community excited about CATCh and the comedy community at large.

What is CATCh doing as it searches for a space?

  • We are offering an Improv Fundamentals class. This class is taught by co-owner and founder of CATCh, Kevin Shimko. More information on this class can be found on our Classes page.
  • We have participated in corporate workshops and team building seminars and are looking to expand this as we search for our new home.
  • We are currently building our website which will be launching in the near future.
  • We will be continuing to support local comedy artists!

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