We encourage all of our students and performers to play to the top of their intelligence and avoid “going blue”, but we also do not enforce that they cannot use language or sexual situations if they feel like it is appropriate in the context of the scene. We highly recommend you make a decision that is best suited to you and your child. We do offer family-friendly performances which will be clearly advertised.

Our typical performance slots last about an hour to an hour and a half. Exceptions to this will clearly be marked on the event page.

We have an unlicensed scalper who creepily hangs outside the theater. He’s a good option OR you can purchase tickets in advance online.

You can also purchase tickets at the door the evening of the performance. We accept Cash and Credit.

Purchasing tickets online ahead of time guarantees you admission whereas waiting for the night of could result in show being sold out. We also charge more for tickets at the door, so there's that.

Yes! Warm ovaltine and expired Orange Juice

Just kidding…we’re so annoying aren’t we? Here you are trying to ask questions and we’re making jokes.

We sell a selection of beers from local and regional breweries, including some rotating selections. We also usually have on hand a red and white wine option.

We will also have pre-packaged snacks that you can annoyingly unwrap as we perform on stage for you.

We are not a bar or restaurant. We sell concessions for performances only. Once the show is over, we highly encourage you to stick around if there’s another performance OR call a rideshare over to one of the many nearby breweries/restaurants.

Tickets are eligible for a refund up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled showtime. Once the showtime for the show your purchased tickets to has passed, your order is not refundable. Please contact us at info@CATCh.theater with any questions or concerns.

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early. The only thing predictable about Charlotte traffic is that you can’t be sure how long it will take to get anywhere.


For most shows, we will make every effort to seat latecomers, however we are a small, independent theater so please keep the following in mind:

  • The doors will be locked shortly after the performance starts, for the safety of our guests and performers; and
  • Often, the same people who work the box office and concessions are also in the show, so there may not be anyone to let you in until intermission.

Please be considerate if you do arrive late, and don’t disrupt others’ enjoyment of the show.

Late Policy: Sold Out & Special Shows

Our performers work hard, and deserve a full house. And for many of our shows, we have more people wanting to see the show than we have tickets. For this reason, we require patrons to check in at least 5 minutes before the scheduled show start time. 

We reserve the right to void tickets for late arrivals and sell them to patrons waiting on tickets.

Last updated: 06-22-2024