Improv Classes

Improv for everyone

Improv Fundamentals

Intro to Improv
Level Zero

This 90-minute workshop will introduce the basic concepts of improv in a fun, relaxing, and no-commitment-needed environment!

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Unlocking the Self
Level One

Our Beginner class. No experience needed, just bring some water and your bold self!

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Discovering the Scene
Level Two

Learn the basics of the 2-person scene. An appropriate starting point for experienced improvisers new to CATCh.

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Intermediate Improv

True to Form
Level Three

For students who want to continue their journey towards performing improv! The structure of an improv form.

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Set the Stage
Level Four

Our final class for getting students ready to be on a team.

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Teen Improv Camp
Starts June 17

An intensive combining Level 1 & Level 2 in a 2-week camp!

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