Our Other Services


Have an upcoming event, but want to leave the hosting duties to someone else so you can sneak in a few extra cookies and glasses of holiday punch? Reach out to us!

Our performers have years of experience in front of an audience and have the necessary tools to engage a crowd, maintain energy, and provide a timely flow to your event.

Tell us what you need from a host, and we’ll provide it. We can provide a full emcee experience and we can also help you create content if you’d rather do it on your own.

Types of emcee:
  • general hosting
  • energized introductions
  • personalized roasts and speeches
  • event entertainment


We’ve all been forced to watch corporate training videos during our onboarding process. We’ve sat through the stilted acting and dry material while impatiently waiting for the video on Dress Code to end.

Let us help you maintain an open, safe, and progressive work environment that is focused on positive employee morale and respect, while also offering a creative spark.

Our team of award winning filmmakers can help your in-house videos get the message across while also remaining engaging. We can help doctor your scripts and add some humor, flow, and creativity. We can assist with all phases of filmmaking from pre-production (brainstorming, writing, storyboarding, auditioning) to production (filming, providing talent, coaching your staff) to post production (editing, uploading, delivery)

Audition Tapings

In today’s fast-paced and modern world (that makes us sound so old), the audition process can be somewhat impersonal. Many casting notices have actors send in audition tapes. Let us help you!

We have professional grade equipment (cameras, mics, lighting, and backdrop) and experienced acting coaches to help you deliver your best audition possible. We can provide coaching or simply provide the space and assist as the reader.

We also offer editing/uploading/and delivery of your audition.