The Fungibles

Come see the CATCh co-founders in their signature set, "Strangers on a ____"!

Since 2015, CATCh co-founders, Abigail and Kevin have spent nearly every waking moment together on their journey to bringing their dreams of an all-inclusive gathering space for comedy artists to life. They've come to know each other very well. Perhaps a little too well. They finish each other’s sentences, thoughts, and bowel movements. They've shared their darkest secrets, most ambitious desires, and the only reason they remain partners is because a tumultuous break up could lead to the exposure of every shared detail and total embarassment.

So the only way these two could possibly perform together is if they're guaranteed to play strangers. Come check out their two-prov team, The Fungibles, as they present Strangers on a ____.

The Fungibles start each show as two characters who don't know each other, defying the rule of improv which states an established relationship is essential to a good scene. However, by the end of the show, perhaps these two strangers had more in common than they thought....


Abby Head Abby Head
Kevin Shimko Kevin Shimko

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