Be Bold. Say Yes.™ make ART!

Social Isolation. Shelter in place. Quarantine.

These are frightening times, yes. And... if there's one thing we've learned since we opened CATCh, it's that this city — OUR CITY — has a huge, untapped creative spirit! A fun, vibrant, uplifting, and beautiful community ready to help each other out through art.

We created this page as home for all the wonderful, wild, and creative things the CATCh community is putting out to the world while we collectively struggle with our current reality. A way to speak to each other through the distances that separate us, to say, "I have your back."

Do you have something to share? Please let us know about it!


MasterCATCh Classic

Host Kevin Shimko takes you on a journey through the most revered literature of yesterday and today, and then ruins it.

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Sweded Film Festival

Make your own movie at home! Based on the Jack Black film Be Kind, Rewind, we invite individuals, families, and other in-place groups to re-make your favorite classic film, in the most creative and fun way you can imagine!

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Live, Recorded Improv!

We found as many recordings of improv scenes, sets, and even full-length plays to share with you! Feel free to shout suggestions at your screen.

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Creative Spotlight

CATCh Creative Spotlight showcases members of the CATCh community being creative at home during this time of social distancing! Submit your short video to us and we'll edit it and share on our page to increase visibility and encourage engagement! Whether you just want to be silly, share your creative process, or teach the community something...the CATCh Creative Spotlight is for you!

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CATChing Up

CATChing Up is a new series brought you by the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATCh)! We will be interviewing members of the CATCh community during this time of #SocialIsolation on how they're doing, what they love and miss about CATCh/improv and their thoughts on other silly questions!

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