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CATCh Our Grand Opening!

Join us February 8 & 9 as we have a stage-warming of epic proportions! We'll feature 7 great local teams across 4 shows. Get tickets for an individual show, or make the most of this historic moment with our Grand Pass!

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New Class!

Write Bold

Write Bold is a fun, interactive six-week intensive workshop for creative writers who want to take their writing to the next level, and improvisers who want to take their creativity to the page.

Creative writers will discover new ways to get your neurons firing and your fingers producing the best written work of your life.


group_work"Yes, And" for teams

Corporate Improv

Is your team struggling to see the bigger picture? We have workshops to help your organization develop greater mental agility, teamwork, and communication skills.

Read more about our corporate training options and how improv can help your organization.