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About our shows

Where the heck do I go for the show?

Lucky for you, we're in the heart of LoSo (a typically Charlotte name for the area just below SouthEnd). There are many breweries and restaurants in the area.

4128 South Blvd.
Suite A3
Charlotte, NC 28209   map

Once you pull in to the 4200 retail complex, go behind the street-facing buildings on the right-hand side. We're the corner unit with a green awning. You'll see our sign above the door. And on the door. And inside. Seriously, you should know you're in the right place.

I can't laugh without some snacks and drinks? Please help!

We got you. We have a selection of beers, red & white wine, sodas, water, candy, and chips. Yes, we take cards — what is this, 2006???

Can I bring in my own food and drink?

No. For one thing, your reheated, 3-day old tuna with Limburger cheese smells nasty. Also, our insurance company told us not to.



We get it: you want to know what you're about to subject your beautiful little angels to. Will they be scarred for life? Will they have awkward questions about why there are handcuffs on their parents' bed? 


We'd like to give you some more insight, but it's improv and anything can happen.

You should expect: adult language, sexual innuendo, & unrealistic expectations about how great Life is going to turn out.


Building your shows list on the fly, the improv way! Please wait just one sec...