If you have been sexually assaulted, please seek help. If you are in immediate harm or distress, call 911. If you are unsure where to start, or want support from someone who understands your circumstance, contact Brave Step by calling (704) 361-5230.

Every exercise we learn, every warm-up we use, every precept we teach in 101 class and beyond strengthens this one idea: we, together, are what’s important. The art succeeds when we succeed in attaining this ideal.

We cannot be “we” without respect and equality.

We have policies which state emphatically that discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. These policies are important, yes.


The Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATCh) community believes that it’s not enough to spell out how not to behave. Our community desires to go beyond simply trying to brush away the negativity of racism, misogyny, and the rest. We strive to be intentional in promoting the value, the impact, and the necessity of positive respect and equality among all performers.

To that end, this document is as much about the community we desire to be as much as it is about how to spot and report harassment and discrimination.

What it means to a positive, forward-thinking improv community will probably change over time. And that’s not only OK, it’s to be embraced. Because CATCh is not simply a “safe place” — it’s a place where you know we’ve all got your back.

Last updated: 2022-10-24